Why Choose Me?

Established in 1997 (previously 9 years served with Smith & Turner Felt Roofing of Gowerton), I have always specialised solely in felt roofs. Built on a reputation of superior quality, 98% of my work has come from recommendation, with over 2500 satisfied customers throughout South Wales. Wherever you live in Swansea, chances are you are not far from viewing one of my roofs. From garden shed or garage, to 1000 square metre commercial premises, if it's a flat roof you need then look no further.

I pride myself on very high standards of workmanship, undertaking all felting personally. No shortcuts, no mess and a personal touch will ensure 100% satisfaction. The following photos clearly demonstrate the attention to detail that goes into each and every one of my roofs.

Removing excess bitumen from perfectly formed welted drips

Why Choose Felt?

In addition to the cost savings over other roofing systems, in my opinion felt will outlast all other flat roof coverings when installed correctly. Clever marketing may lead some to believe that newer methods are better than felt, but I've stripped many of these so called maintenance free roofs within a year (or less) of being fixed. Other than poor workmanship, these new systems do not allow for the natural expansion of the wood substructure, leading to splitting and lifting. My 3 layer built-up felt system allows for this natural movement, which is one of the reasons why none of my customers get any problems.

Installed correctly, with the latest materials and methods, there's no reason why a felt roof shouldn't last at least 40 years.

Here are 5 reasons why I am proud to offer my 25 year 'Felt is Best' Guarantee:

  • Tacked 1st layer to allow any natural movement
  • 2nd and 3rd layers staggered for greater strength
  • All felts fully bonded to falls in hot bitumen
  • Perfectly formed welted drips to suit any roof surround
  • Only the best quality brands of material are used

Tacked 1st layer to allow any natural movement of roof substructure. Failure to allow such movement is the main cause of splitting and cracking

2nd and 3rd layer fully bonded to falls in hot bitumen using the pour and roll method for a 100% waterproof seal

25 Year Guarantee

I am so confident in my 3 layer felt roofing system that I am pleased to offer a 25 year 'Felt is Best' guarantee on all my high performance felt roofs.

Even if you sell your house, the guarantee is transferable to the new owner

Choice of Finish

I offer a range of finishes to suit all budgets:

• Silver solar-reflective coating
• 6mm chipping, bonded with a cold
   gritting solution
• Mineral (green, purple or charcoal)

We have been delighted with the roofing work Paul has done for us on our holiday chalets and recommend him without hesitation.
Mr Westacott, Swansea


All aspects of UPVC work undertaken, including:

• Guttering
• Fascia board
• Soffit board


I use top quality 18mm sterling OSB boards wherever necessary to ensure a sound roof deck on which to felt over.


Having a new roof is an ideal time to add or improve insulation and improve the thermal efficiency of your home. I am happy to advise on the options available depending on roof type.

Common Flat Roof Problems

Much of my work involves the repair or replacement of existing flat roofs (whether felt or fibreglass), many of which fail after less than a year. This is usually down to poor workmanship and inexperience by 'jack of all trades' or poor materials being used. The main cause is because the first layer of felt (or first coat of fibreglass) is incorrectly bonded directly to the roof deck. Seasonal variations in temperature cause natural expansion and contraction of the timber roof boards, causing the roof covering to split, crack and lift. Of course once even the smallest split has occured, water will penetrate, damaging the roof structure as well as interior decor.

Here a felt roof has split as the first layer was bonded to the wooden deck

A fibreglass roof has failed due to the natural movement of the wood below

Another fibreglass roof failure which has lifted and buckled

A failed fibreglass roof has allowed water in and rotted the wood substructure

This is why the first layer of felt must be tacked rather than bonded, and while this is more time consuming it is essential to ensure the longevity of the roof. 3 layer felt roofs from the 70s that were installed correctly are still doing their job today.